Dune - A Synthwave Mix

Odysseus  ·  Jul 31, 2020

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The mirage of the desert fluttered as I roamed the horizon of Dune.

Art by me

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00:00 CITY OF RAIN - Delirium
Link: https://cityofrain.bandcamp.com
03:14 From Ashes - Stripes
Link: https://from-ashes-weatnurecords.bandcamp.com
06:24 Armon Apex - Spiritual Wave
Link: https://armonapex.bandcamp.com
Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-531765648
15:44 INCORE - Wirehead
Link: https://neonretrowave.bandcamp.com
20:36 Synthwave Goose - Nostromo
Link: https://synthwavegoose.bandcamp.com
25:13 Doktor DMX - Interlude
Link: https://digitalmusicxpress.bandcamp.com/releases
27:00 Dark Helmet - The Last Chase, Pt. 1 (The End Of Everything)
Link: https://darkhelmetmusic.bandcamp.com
31:28 Abominable Beat Machine - Late Night in Ninsei
Link: https://abominablebeatmachine.bandcamp.com
31:12 Miki - Blurry Dreams
Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4KReSJ2ZKyIMiC3uq8C3hQ
41:28 Digital Moss - Nosa Sifu
Link: https://digitalmoss.bandcamp.com
47:33 SkyTwoHigh - 酒類夢
Link: https://skytwohigh.bandcamp.com

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Ronald, Electronic Gray, Jase Wilson, Sean Sabbage, Morsmugen, Antonio Chillaron

Mixed by Sequencer. Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/Sequencer

A mix of the best synthwave, darksynth and cyberpunk music. Odysseus.