'MAVERICK' REDUX | A Synthwave Mix

ThePrimeThanatos  ·  Nov 15, 2019

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▼ Track List:
0:00 Sebastian Svahn - Ready Set Go
3:52 FRACTAL MAN - Dreams of the Desert
9:04 Ace Buchannon - Never Surrender (feat. Gryff)
13:02 Zane Alexander - What Are You Afraid Of
17:57 Johnny Rehab - Memories of Tomorrow
22:57 Arctic Mega Defender - Mega Team to the Rescue
26:12 Driver85 - Sunset Overdrive
27:10 Baali Soda - Shores of Atlantis
31:18 Fear of Tigers - Mustang Come Back
33:57 Wubcake - Dream Ride Ft Xavier Radix
37:40 EL TIGR3 - Reflection
41:05 Glowline - Destination
44:57 Stranger In Town - Pulse
48:24 Gutshiro - Heroic Bloodshed
52:25 PR1SM - SpaceRace

Thanks to magiczny pajong for creating timestamps.

Removed Tracks:
(These were removed because issues with third-party company, please do not harass these artists)
Daniel Adam - Thorns

▼ Artwork:
Sergey Orlov

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