Datawave - A glitchy synthwave mix

Nightride FM  ·  Apr 24, 2022

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00:00 Com Truise - Terminal
01:30 MoTER - Slam
05:38 Clyde Shelton - Ill Gotten
08:41 Synchropoly - Bit Rot
11:52 MoTER - Midnight Trail
14:53 Clyde Shelton - 2766
19:16 Synchropoly - Trashwave
23:39 Com Truise - Propagation
27:09 demin - Euthanice

What is Datawave?
Datawave contains stylistic elements of 80s synth funk, synthwave, chillwave, retrofuturism, and retro computing. The style originally pioneered by electronic music artist Com Truise and may incorporate a sprinkling of glitchy elements in its composition.

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