ThePrimeThanatos  ·  Oct 29, 2022

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Forgive Me Father...
The Horrifying Autopsy of Deamien Raven
Cauchemar Noir
Silver Coffin
Children Shouldn_t Play with Dead Things
BloodGod feat. Dav Dralleon
Demonic Incantation Blues
Impalement _ The Brazen Bull
A Horrorsynth Symphony
The Conjuring feat. CONNΓ–R
The Intimate Portrait of the Devil
Le Vampire du Grand Guignol
Exsanguinated With A Drill

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βœ–βœ– Audio & Visual - Must be Synthwave, Vaporwave, Retro Electro, Cyberpunk ("80's Genre")
βœ–βœ– Audio - Please specify the genre on submission
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