LΛZΞR BØΛT: A Sonic Ode to Obliteration (Darksynth/Vocal Synthwave/Dark Disco)

Nightride FM  ·  Sep 4, 2023

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Behold, this mixtape is a blazing tribute to the ultimate behemoth that once ruled the boundless digital oceans. With its fortified heart, the AC-130 Pihsnug harnesses the power of a synthetic aperture strike radar, piercing through the darkest storms and vast distances to pinpoint its prey. It's a relentless force, capable of unleashing mayhem upon both terra firma and the open seas, leaving an electrifying trail of annihilation in its wake.

#Darksynth #Synthwave #DarkDisco

Mixed by DJ Dennis G from Nightride FM.

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00:00:00 | GosT - Behemoth
00:03:58 | Ultraboss feat. Vincenzo Salvia - Enter the Synth
00:11:32 | Sunset Neon - Never Dance Again
00:13:19 | Horrornauts - New Blood
00:15:04 | Inexedra - Quasar
00:22:39 | PatternShift - Adversarial Methods