The Very Best Of... HOME (#ChillWave/#SynthWave) {V O L. 2}

We Are The Music Makers  ·  Feb 1, 2019

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"HOME is where's the heart is"...

In this second time, HOME comes back with a mix containing some of his classics, and some demos too. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the music.

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_____________Description & Tracklist below______________


0:00 Melt
3:41 Mainframe
9:50 Tides
5:25 Sunshower
8:12 05
9:30 If I'm Wrong
12:05 Intervals (Open Spectrum)
14:06 24
15:39 Two lines meeting on an infinite plane
17:56 Visibility
21:35 20
23:05 Moiré Fringes
26:05 Fata Morgana (Interlude)
27:25 Galatea
32:01 Take Care
35:15 Windows
38:36 Hold
42:01 Half Moon
46:10 23
48:05 Rayleigh Scattering
51:05 34
52:36 Atlas
55:55 Dusk
59:15 Archipelago
1:03:18 Forever
1:06:38 Fahrenheit
1:09:48 Thunder

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No copyright infringement intended, I do not own any of the tracks and the pictures featured in this video, I just want to share good music on the social media.

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