Forhill - A Chillwave Mix

Synth Slayer  ·  Nov 7, 2020

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this is a mix, that exists to share the incredible music that forhill created.


his channel:

(everything in this mix is from forhill, so i only put the song titles here.
songs in order):

0:00 Odyssey
4:05 Wave
8:50 Luna
13:03 Supernal
17:06 Stay
21:12 Expanse
25:18 Wander around you
29:25 Eventide
32:18 Return
35:31 Searching

it would really mean a lot to me if you subscribe to him!

Artwork my me:

Chillwave, Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Darkwave, Darksynth, 80s Music, 80s vibe, study music, Forhill, Odysseus, Astral Throb