Underwater Level 🐬🌊 (Vaporwave - Seapunk - Chillwave Mix)

SoulSearchAndDestroy  ·  Feb 17, 2023

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【Ecco, if we breathe air, why do we live beneath the waves?】


00:00 The Search for Ecco - The Midnight
04:00 Underwater - Windows96
07:26 Texture Bath - FM- Skyline
11:07 Exosphere - ECO Virtual
12:11 Wavestep (Slowed Down) - Blank Banshee
15:23 Aquatic Ambience (Funk Fiction Remix) - Donkey Kong Country
18:30 Like Water - VAPERROR
20:57 See Through Emotion - Origami Girl
23:39 A Cry in the Distance - Windows96
27:34 Age.Of.Aquarius - 회사AUTO
30:58 Holobeach Encounters Ltd - FM Skyline
35:26 Distance Between Us - Origami Girl
39:25 Deep Swim - Windows96
43:40 Anenome - Diskette Park
48:51 From the Depths - Lotus Forever
51:50 what being disconnected feels like - MindSpring Memories
56:40 Pictionary - Eyeliner


회사AUTO: https://auto-7.bandcamp.com/
Blank Banshee: https://blankbanshee.bandcamp.com/music

Diskette Park: https://diskettepark.bandcamp.com/
ECO Virtual: https://ecovirtual.bandcamp.com/

Eyeliner: https://disasteradio.bandcamp.com/album/buy-now-deluxe-edition
FM Skyline: https://fmskyline.bandcamp.com/music
Funk Fiction: https://funkfiction.bandcamp.com/

Lotus Forever: https://ibmforever.bandcamp.com/
The Midnight: https://themidnight.bandcamp.com/

MindSpring Memories: https://mindspringmemories.bandcamp.com/
Origami Girl: https://virtualdreamplazashop.bandcamp.com/album/enchanted
VAPERROR: https://vaperror.bandcamp.com/

Windows96: https://windows96.bandcamp.com/

Also check out the underwater-themed vaporwave compilation album "ΔQVΔRIVS" from Underwater Computing here: https://underwater-computing.bandcamp.com/album/qv-rivs

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