"The 80's Dream" | Best of NewRetroWave | May 2017 | Retrowave/ 80's Revival Mixtape

NewRetroWave  ·  Jun 3, 2017

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"The 80's Dream Mixtape" - Best of NewRetroWave (May 2017) Mixtape

Maximum retro-tastic vibes with this mixtape. This was hard month as there were so many gems we got to share with you. Enjoy this months pick for our best of May mixtape. :)

Mixed by Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

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Join us is welcoming Signalnoise to be out third artist to be a part of NRW Residency for the rest of June. Signal noise has made a name for himself in the Retrowave scene in a short span of time. From his well known Outrun series to his immense Overdrive series, Signalnoise has captured the true essence of the retro scene and inspired many of the scene by his work.

1. Anoraak - Skyline 0:00
2. Crockett - Standing at the Edge of the World 06:14
3. HEYZ - Odyssey 10:39
4. Nightcrawler - Blood Rage 15:05
5. Robert Parker - DiscoDeath 19:20
6. Zyodara - Funkinwitya 25:45
7. Moon Maker - The Night Of The Vigilante 29:53
8. Slvmber - One Small Step, One Quantum Leap 34:14
9. IndiGhost - Pastel Sunset 38:26
10. JJ Mist - Test My Love 42:45
11. The Encounter - Behemoth IV 47:14
12. DOOMROAR - Laser Evolution 53:05
13. Scandroid - The Force Theme (Star Wars Cover) 57:37

*All songs taken from our channel and can be found via searching our YouTube page. :)
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