HUBRID & THE RACERS ft HUNTER NORTON - Culte De La Machine | Exclusive Darksynth Premiere

Astral Throb  ·  Jan 30, 2021

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"Culte De La Machine” is an unexpected collaboration between HUBRID, the French darksynth producer and some rookies known as The Racers and Hunter Norton. The French band and The Racers only started a few months ago with their first single "Final Lap" and already signs their first album along with HUBRID and Hunter Norton, the Seattle based guitarist who made a blasting performance over each track.

Celebrating violent night rides behind the wheel, it catches up this quote “The end is upon us, the machines have nearly wiped out what is left of humanity, the only way to save us, is to merge with them and fight back”

0:00 - Vision
2:22 - Culte
5:12 - Mirage
8:21 - Tension
10:51 - Rage
13:54 - Dilemma
17:03 - Possession
20:19 - Injection
23:22 - Saturation
25:31 - Machine
28:47 - Zone Rouge
32:37 - Conglomerate of Madness II (feat Vulta, Seysmic, Polybius, King Stephen, CYBERTHING!, BMX Escape, Masked, Fixions)

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