RAD Summer Mix | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Mix

ThePrimeThanatos  ·  Jun 30, 2018

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▼ Track List:
Turbo Knight - Rasengan 0:00
Polypumpkins - Moonlit Highway 5:05
Overvad Music - Hyper Ride 8:57
Rogue Neon - Shakes and Lasers 14:37
LɅNights - CRYSTALISE 17:15
CXNTRAST - Star Cruise 19:37
CJ Burnett - Neon Paradise 23:42
Johnny Ola - Moody Star 27:56
Jeremiah Kane - MIDNIGHT ECHO 32:13
Retouch - When Sirens Sing 37:27
Ksmtk - Reborn (feat Madelyn Darling) 41:36
Lyde - Stormless 45:20
Dimi Kaye - Greyhounds 49:26
Vincenzo Salvia - Coastline Breakfast 52:24
Konrad Celiński - Cruising 56:20

Thanks Frank M for creating timstamps.

▼ Artwork:
Nelson Tai

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