'ALTERED CARBON' | Best of Synthwave and Cyberpunk Music Mix

ThePrimeThanatos  ·  Mar 1, 2018

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▼ Track List:
Tracklist :
00:00 Blaze of Gunfire - Drifter
02:27 Vincenzo Salvia - The Pineapple Pizza Slayer
05:52 Turbo Knight - Return of the Robot Overlords
10:52 DOS Society - Brave Little Girl
13:29 H A G H O R R O R - Der Neue Kult
25:52 SNTHWVRS - Lucid Reality
32:58 Malo Garcia - Old Soul
38:58 Mental Minority - We Walk Alone
44:13 Mire. - Bury
48:08 Polypumpkins - Moonlit Highway
51:59 Oneirogeist - From Oblivion To Inception
57:41 Betta Kitten - Vertigo

Thanks to Jos Pel for creating timestamps.

** Not an official soundtrack.

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