NRW Records - GODWAVE (Full Album) 2022

NRW Records  ·  Jul 29, 2022

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Welcome to the start of a new trilogy. Godwave has beaten and banished Magnatron into a digital outerrealm, and now has his eyes set on the oppression of the world. Witness the beginning of the GODWAVE Reign. A grittier, pulsating and almighty synthsonic sound designed to infiltrate almost every synthlovers ear and infect them with a constant head nod. A must listen for all Cyberpunk and Synth Audiophiles alike.

1. ALEX & TOKYO ROSE - Onslaught 00:00
2. Extra Terra - Nocebo 04:48
3. Max Bhron - Reality 08:10
4. Neon Nox - OKAY 11:29
5. Vector Seven - Cycle Of Retribution 15:10
6. Nightcrawler - Sheep Fear the Wolf 19:23
7. Future Fate - Faded Reality 23:37
8. Wayfloe - Niflheim 27:42
9. Kick Puncher - Kill 31:52
10. ORAX - Frontier 35:47
11. Sandman - Last Sentinel 41:49
12. DAV DRALLEON - Final Ascent 46:04



Art by Atom Cyber.
All songs mastered by the according artist.

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