a motivating playlist for NPCs

Odysseus  ·  Aug 13, 2022

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A playlist for NPCs becoming the main character.

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00:00 Foewi - Caterpillar
05:13 Emil Rottmayer - Eclipse
08:53 LÜNE - Petit Nuage
12:51 Wave Racer - Streamers
16:20 coyote kisses - Diving At Night
18:55 lone driver - Optimize
24:01 Wave Racer - Introooo
25:59 Com Truise - Wasat
27:57 Hyper Potions & Subtact - Adventures

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A mix of the best electronic, synthwave, nostlagic, and upbeat music for becoming the main character in your life. This playlist is meant to motivate, improve productivity, and for turning your life into a game where you're the main character.