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Synth Slayer  ·  Oct 8, 2022

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*approximately 370 million years after humanitys expanse into the great beyond...*

You find yourself traveling a galaxy known as "milkyway" in the ships database. During the jump through quantum space, the scanners pick up signs of a habitable system nearby.
While this information usually wouldnt be of any concern to the crew, the scanner doesnt show any further information about it other than the fact that it's habitable.
You and the crew decide to check out the strange anomaly in detail. The ship flies closer to the 3. planet outward from the star, seeming like a blue marble and the only words the navigator can mutter out at the sight of it is

"thats earth..."

0:00 Voyage - Origin
4:57 MEGAS - Orbital Drift
10:01 Voyage - Enter
15:20 A.L.I.S.O.N - Lightyears
19:31 Emil Rottmayer - Deep Water
23:05 Electronic Visions - Space Groove
27:11 Feature Phone - Tangent Plane
30:49 Eagle Eyed Tiger - Continuum
35:24 NiElsir - Aurorean