Study with Marty McFly | 1 Hour Pomodoro (25/5) | Synthwave Edition

Jonathan Belle  ·  Nov 5, 2023

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Boost Your Productivity with this 1 hour Pomodoro Technique to boost flow state set to Deep Focus Synthwave.

Unlock your potential and enhance your concentration with these deep focus synthwave tracks, perfectly timed to the Pomodoro Technique. This method encourages intense study sessions followed by short breaks, optimizing your brain's capacity for concentration and rest.

00:00 Pomodoro Set 1
25:00 First Break
30:00 Pomodoro Set 2
55:00 Second Break

These carefully selected synthwave music provides a steady, atmospheric backdrop that helps minimize distractions and immerse you in a state of deep work. The nostalgic and futuristic tones are designed to keep you motivated through your study or work session.

Looking to take these beats on the go?

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