Future Vision (Synthwave - Retrowave - Chillwave Mix)

SoulSearchAndDestroy  ·  Sep 30, 2017

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The future is what you make it.

00:00 Endura - Emil Rottmayer
05:17 Nightdrive - FM-84
08:43 Neon Cruiser - Sub Morphine
12:53 A Glowing Light (Betamaxx Remix) - Makeup and Vanity Set
16:39 Flux - bl00dwave
19:49 The Promised Land - Futurecop!
23:39 Running Scared - DUETT and Stewart Lockwood
26:59 Outatime - FM-84
30:36 Fearless Generation - SelloRekT/LA Dreams
35:37 h a r b o r - hello meteor
39:50 Catharsis - synaptyx
46:57 If I’m Wrong - HOME
49:40 We May Never Know - M Y D R E A M Y A D V E N T U R E
55:09 Singularity - Glimpse


bl00dwave: https://bl00dwave.bandcamp.com/
DUETT: https://duett.bandcamp.com/album/running-scared-feat-stewart-lockwood
Emil Rottmayer: https://soundcloud.com/emil-rottmayer
FM-84: https://fm84.bandcamp.com/
Futurecop!: https://soundcloud.com/futurecopofficial
Glimpse: https://soundcloud.com/glimpse_official
hello meteor: https://soundcloud.com/hellometeor
HOME: https://soundcloud.com/home-2001
Makeup and Vanity Set: https://makeupandvanityset.bandcamp.com/
M Y D R E A M Y A D V E N T U R E: https://soundcloud.com/mydreamyadventure
SelloRekT/LA Dreams: https://ladreams.bandcamp.com/
Sub Morphine: https://soundcloud.com/sub-morphine
Synaptyx: https://soundcloud.com/synaptyx

GIF: http://futuretage.tumblr.com/

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