'BOULEVARD' | A Synthwave and Retro Electro Mix | REDUX

ThePrimeThanatos  ·  Jun 19, 2023

YouTube Video YouTube Channel

Reuploading due to Original being blocked.

▼ Track List:
00:00 MacReady - Akuma

03:48 Back To 84 - Reverie

08:29 Vosto - Arpeggion Crystals

13:32 Back To 84 - Lovers

18:27 Shin'en - Nostalgie

21:57 Omegagon - Forces of Darkness

26:32 3FORCE - Whisper Protocol

30:17 Galaxy 80 - Firebird

34:20 HEIFEHEN - Distant Worlds

38:25 Memphis Rains - WHITE LOTUS

42:05 Slvmber - Fingerless Gloves

45:56 Joel Nox - Magnum Boulevard

49:19 Oceanside85 - Mirrors

Thanks to Clystron426 for creating timestamps.

▼ Artwork:
skiegraphic studio

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