Turbo Knight - Space Cowboy Saga (parts 1-3)

ThePrimeThanatos  ·  Sep 23, 2017

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Story of Space cowboy

Caught in the sunlight, his chrome revolvers glint as he rides his cosmic steed through the universe. A lone star traveler, looking for those in need of celestial aid. He forges forth through the unknown darkness like a venturing juggernaut. If you're in trouble, look to the skies for his burning ember to streak across the sky. In a distant land, on a forgotten planet, or behind a dying sun, he hears your call. The space cowboy scours the deepest pockets of the most vast galaxies, looking to lend his hand to the downtrodden, his voice to the silenced, and his justice to the rest...

Glimmering in the stardust, he stands tall amongst the planets and their moons. Throughout space and time, this wandering drifter has taken on gravity itself.
No force can stand in the way of this six gun star sheriff. Tales of his bravery, pride, and guts have echoed throughout the universe for millennia. There are those he's
helped, who know his name. There are those he will help, who call his name. Then, there are the ones who fear his name. The Space Cowboy is out there, roaming the trails of
each star speckled galaxy. He doesn't go looking for trouble, but he'll make damn sure trouble don't go lookin' for others.

Even the brightest glow will one day wane, flicker, and fade to black. The Space Cowboy's time nears its end, and an empty void will open among the stars . In his place,
a new hero will arise to answer the call. Somewhere behind the faintest star, in a remote section of this incalculable universe, the face of a new star savior will be born.
Until that time, the Space Cowboy will drift the cosmic planes. One hand grips the reigns of his trusted steed, the other always near his side. Into the starlit expanse, our
hero makes one last journey. Justice for the forgotten, strength for the timid, and penance for the cruel.

Space Cowboy saga texts written by Darkinfiniti a.k.a Tyler Knight https://www.youtube.com/user/Darkinfiniti) Thanks!

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