Deep Focus: Synthwave to Study and Concentrate To

Jonathan Belle  ·  Oct 26, 2023

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Get ready to immerse yourself in 25 minutes of deep focus and study with this captivating Synthwave soundtrack as your companion. Whether you're tackling a challenging project, preparing for an exam, or simply getting some work done, let the mesmerizing melodies and nostalgic vibes of Synthwave help you stay in the zone. Hit play, choose your task, and make the most of this productive session! 📚🎶🌟

00:00 Sleepless Nights 1155
05:20 Mitch Murder - Remember When
11:23 Marvel83' - On & On
17:08 Space Tourist - Iridescent
20:53 Skayward - Long Night

Synthwave and Chill Spotify Playlist 💿

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