Time (Chillwave - Lofi - Electronic Mix)

SoulSearchAndDestroy  ·  Jul 11, 2017

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00:00 Time - Vanilla
03:33 Bloom - Zoto
06:42 Elsewhere - silo
09:23 Seasons Change - Axian
11:38 Light Blue - Yuni Wa
13:51 Urban Canopy - L'indecis
17:19 Eternal Youth - RUDE
20:38 Secret Senshi - Desired
22:55 Memories - LLusion
26:11 I Wish I Could Sleep - Nynamo
28:06 Blue Sun - Vanilla
31:45 Netflix & Chillwave - cameragrammar
34:37 idw talk - Paulie
36:32 Clear Eyes - 16 Yr Old X Eera
39:14 iridescent - memory cards
41:41 h y d r a t e - jinsang.
43:22 The Good Night - instupendo


Axian: https://axian.bandcamp.com/
cameragrammar: https://cameragrammar.bandcamp.com/
Desired: https://desired.bandcamp.com/
instupendo: https://soundcloud.com/instupendo
jinsang: https://jinsangbeats.bandcamp.com/music
L'indecis: https://lindecis.bandcamp.com/
LLusion: https://llusionmusic.bandcamp.com/
memory cards: https://memorycards.bandcamp.com/
Nynamo: https://nymano.bandcamp.com/
Paulie: https://paulieleparik.bandcamp.com/
RUDE: https://rudemn.bandcamp.com/
silo: https://soundcloud.com/silo-beats
Vanilla: https://vanillabeats.bandcamp.com/
Yuni Wa: https://yuniwa.bandcamp.com/
Zoto: https://zotomusic.bandcamp.com/
16 Year Old X Eera: https://soundcloud.com/tkulbaco/16-yr-old-x-eera-clear-eyes?in=soulsearchanddestroy/sets/time

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